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High School Transitions

Being prepared for a college transition means more than just the admissions process. Beyond grades, great SAT or ACT scores, and the traditional college planning process, students who know their gifts, and talents are often better prepared for their transition to college and throughout their college career. These skills and knowledge also prepare them to make decisions and create the experiences and opportunities needed to make a successful transition from college to career.

Although high school students are not supposed to have all these answers now, a little self knowledge and preparation goes a long way to helping the student make the best decisions possible. Unfortunately, many students believe that they will figure all this out once they get to college and often find that this is not the case. Although learning about a particular subject is helpful, classes alone do not generally provide all the information they will need to choose a major or a career. 

In today's competitive job market and constantly changing economic climate, it has become more important than ever for students to create opportunities and experiences that will provide them with the information and experiences they need for for long-term career success.  Without this self knowledge, students can find themselves:

  • changing majors multiple times
  • delaying graduation as much as several years
  • making poor major choices just so that they can graduate
  • needing additional education, experiences or training once they graduate to launch a career.

A little preparation goes a long way.  Through the use of career assessments to help clarify a student's aptitudes, and strengths and seeing how their natural aptitudes and interests translate into exciting careers provide the high school student will the self knowledge and tools they need to take full advantage of their college experience.  

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