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New and Recent Grad Packages

We offer a variety of packages to meet the needs of new and recent college graduates

Career Aptitude Package 
This package is for college students and new and recent college graduates who want to understand their natural gifts and how they relate to careers direction. The aptitude assessment we use measures the student’s natural abilities, personality style and interests through a series of brain games and then correlates this information with best “fit” careers. The package includes the on-line assessment, all assessment administration costs, 2 hours of career counseling including an in-depth interpretation of the assessment and a follow-up session. 
Total Investment: $397.00

Follow-up Session Package 
For the new and recent grad who will benefit from additional sessions, we offer 2 session packages that can be tailored to meet your young adult's specific needs.  These services can often significantly reduce the anxiety students experience when thinking about their future.  Services can include a more in-depth exploration of fulfilling careers they might love, college major exploration, job targeting, job search strategies or educational planning for advanced degrees. 
Total Investment: $297.00 

Job Search Package
For the new or recent graduate who already knows their career direction and needs guidance and support to launch a successful and targeted job search. This package includes 4  career coaching sessions, all materials and short feedback and coaching sessions between appointments.  Sessions will include personal branding, job targeting, resume critique, networking and individualized strategies designed to shorten your job search and increase your chances for success.
Total Investment:: $675.00

Professional Resume Writing Package:
For the student or recent grad who will benefit from having a professional resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile written for them. by a certified professional resume writer. Package includes all materials and revisions to produce materials that will help the new and recent grad launch successfully.
Total Investment: $625.00

More about the assessment we use:
We prefer using aptitude rather than traditional interest or personality self assessments for college students and new and recent college graduates. Aptitude testing gives students hope, relevance and direction by expanding their vision of opportunities. Unlike traditional interest surveys, this aptitude assessment uses fun, engaging “brain games” to capture real measures of aptitudes; natural abilities that are important for career choice. The assessment then translates those talents into real world, high demand careers, that improve student outcomes and prepare students for college and career success.

This is NOT a test. There are no grades, there’s no passing or failing. This is testing how the brain is wired and your natural abilities and measures really core and important aspects of what makes you, you! An hour or two of your time now will give you a wealth of incredibly valuable information about yourself that you can use as you move forward into your adult life.

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