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Is your career life working? Are you struggling to find a satisfying career direction and don't know where to start? Maybe you recently graduated and your job search is not producing results. Or you have been in a career for a long time and are no longer finding meaning and fulfillment from your work. Maybe you enjoy your work but it conflicts with your personal life or you are seeking advancement and have hit what feels like a dead end. Or you find yourself having difficulties with your supervisor or co-workers or conflicts with your company's values.

Career transitions at any stage of life can be challenging and confusing and can affect every area of our life. Whether you are a college student strugging with major choice, a college graduate trying to find your first job, or an adult making a career or life change, I can help you turn confusion into clarity. Through a supportive process that creates Insights, Motivation and Action, we will work together to achieve your goals.  

Career coaching/counseling is a dynamic process of gaining greater understanding of yourself and the world of work in order to make thoughtful and informed career, educational and life decisions.  My approach is integrative and strategic and takes into consideration all the important aspects of your life. This allows you to maximize your potential, so you can take the actions needed to create a happier and more satisfying career life.

I serve clients in person in my office in Asheville, NC and remotely nationwide including Greenville, SC Charlotte, NC Raleigh/Durham NC, Washington DC Denver, Co and New York. 

Please call or e-mail me today to set up a 20 minute phone consultation.

I'm a career expert and if it's a career related issue, I can help.

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