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"I had struggled for years trying to determine what I wanted to do and what I wanted out of a career. I put incredible pressure on myself as I aimlessly wandered through the job market. Finally, I was recommended Susan by a healthcare professional and I couldn’t be happier. I felt I was no longer attempting to do this alone. She helped me figure out my needs/ must haves in a job, discover my strengths, weaknesses and talents, uncover some emotional and mental blocks I have around success, create an impeccable resume and cover letter and navigate the world of online job postings. I couldn’t be more grateful for her insight, genuine interest and care for me and my future. I ultimately found a professional position that was the right fit for me, and I owe it all to her!"

"I started working with Susan shortly after relocating to Asheville. I wanted help understanding the Asheville job market as well as support in figuring out what type of position would be the next best step in my career. The exercises she provided were incredibly helpful in clarifying what I enjoy doing and what types of work align with my values. I start my new job in two weeks, and I am confident that it is going to be a great fit! I would highly recommend Susan if you need help navigating the myriad of job possibilities and identifying what is going to ultimately be a satisfying career."


"Hello! I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how life changing my sessions with you were. I can’t pinpoint the exact words you told me, but something you said and/or a combination of what you said released me. After our sessions, I feel lighter, confident and grateful. I only wish I’d come to you 10 years ago.  My job at the Henderson County Education Foundation is going really well. It has made more confident and fulfilled. I still have plenty of time for all of my other jobs and possible endeavors (flower shop) but am very happy in the place I am in now. Your sessions were priceless. Thank you! Thank you!"


"As an older worker, I approached a job search with a lot of apprehension. I went to Susan for help and she was great. She provided clear advice on how to start the search and how to manage the work-related stress at the job I was leaving. Her coaching for the interview was invaluable and I have used several of the resource materials that she recommended. Finally, it would be impossible to gauge the value of the moral support that she provided. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing guidance on all manner of job-related issues."


"I think you probably remember working with my son and me a few years ago. I imagine you don't often have an opportunity to learn about where your clients are years after you worked with them. My son is a wonderful success story and you were instrumental in nurturing and encouraging him to embrace him journey and move forward. He is currently working an internship with TIAA-Cref as a data scientist through the MS program in Metadata Analysis. He has truly blossomed -- I am not sure you would recognize him. He is quite assertive and continually takes the lead in pretty much all of his group projects. He and another student worked on a project that their professor encouraged them to get published. It was recently accepted, and he will be presenting it at a professional convention in Raleigh later this Fall."


"I just wanted to let you know that I started at my job with the City in Oct 13, and it is going really well! This is really the perfect job for me at this juncture of my life. I feel like all the hard work you helped me do really paid off. It is an extremely gratifying feeling. I would have never guessed that this type of position would be for me, but it is just perfect. I would not have been open to applying for it if I had I not learned what I did through the appointments with you! So, thank you!!"


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