Career Direction

  • Would you like to feel more energized at work?
  • Are you using your true gifts and talents?
  • Is your career life fulfilling your personal and professional needs?
  • Are you ready to have a career life that works?

Making a career choice or changing careers can feel like doing a jigsaw puzzle. You can see the picture on the box and you know that the pieces are supposed to fit together.  You may even see how some of the pieces connect but don't know how to fit the rest of the pieces together to complete the puzzle.

Career Exploration is an in-depth process to help you put together the pieces of your career puzzle so that you can begin to see your career options. Through a step by step process of gathering information about your gifts, strengths, interests and the values that are important to you, we begin to pull together the information you need to see your career options and make an informed decision.

Career change sometimes requires developing some new skills or returning to school.  When this is the case, I can help you look at the minimum and desirable educational requirements and academic admission's requirements needed for a particular career change and then assist you in developing an educational plan to successfully transition to your new career.

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