Career Management Issues

Career management counseling is a crucial part of maintaining a satisfying career. Workplace issues can make even the most enjoyable career stressful and unpleasant. It is very common to find yourself facing challenges in your workplace that may be related to conflicts with your company’s values, difficulties with your supervisor or co-workers, or other issues that can impact your ability to be as successful as possible in your work. Career management counseling creates a safe and confidential space to explore the challenges you are facing and provides a forum for you to plan and develop solutions prior to implementing a change. Here are some common examples of career management issues:​​​​

  • Boundary setting and having difficulty communicating your needs with co-workers or supervisors.
  • Changes in work responsibilities or a promotion that takes you away from the work you love doing.
  • Difficulties with co-workers and supervisors.
  • Company reorganization and the stress that comes with uncertainty and change.
  • Job loss and the emotional impact it can have on your confidence and self-worth.
  • Preparing for a performance review or asking for a raise.
  • Communication issues with a new supervisor.
  • Evaluating jobs and job offers.
  • Feedback and having someone to act as a confidential sounding board to help you develop skills and develop solutions.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have the specialized training and experience to help you work through these complicated issues that can stand in the way of personal and professional success. For more information about how career counseling with a Licensed Professional Counselor can help you navigate the challenges and issues you are facing, call me for a 20 minute complimentary phone consultation.

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