College Educational Planning

  • Are you undecided about what you want to study in college and are worried about making a decision?
  • Would you like to find out how your gifts and talents relate to choosing a major or a career?
  • Are you returning to school and want to ensure that your decision will support your short-term and long-range professional goals?
  • Do need help applying for a competitive program or an advanced degree?

Good academic planning requires enough information and planning to support thoughtful decision making.  With college costs rising, and our economic climate constantly changing, it is more important than ever to make sure that you have the enough information and are asking the right questions to set yourself up for success. Whether you are a high school student starting your college career, are already in college and deciding on a major or are a professional returning to school for retraining or a career change, career counseling can offer you the information, resources and support often needed for informed decision making.  Since clients come to me with a wide range of issues, we work together to design an approach that addresses your specific needs and provides you with the information, experiences and resources needed to reach your goals.

Some of the areas I can help you with include:

  • Clarifying your talents, strengths, interests and career motivators.
  • Understanding the connections between your degree and career opportunities.
  • Career and occupational research and resources.
  • Support with career decision making.
  • Academic planning.
  • Internship development.
  • College list planning.
  • College essay development.

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