Job Search Strategies The Hidden Job Market

Since the traditional job market is saturated with job seekers competing for the same jobs, it has become more important than ever to incorporate some non-traditional strategies to increase your chances of getting hired. Candidates need to t hink like the employer and play to their personal strengths using multiple strategies to get to the decision makers.
  • Target your job search to specific employers and then either call the employer or send them a spontaneous e-mail to let them know about your interest in their company.
  • Have credible references who will market you to targeted employers.
  • Branch out beyond your personal network.
  • Arrange an introduction by an acquaintance so that you can meet the decision maker at a social or workplace function.
  • Lead with passion rather than your jobless status and don’t submit your resume until the employer had met you and is already interested.
  • Show then Tell – Do volunteer work, internships, temp work or consulting work to show rather than just tell the employer about your talents.

Adapted from MacDougall, A. and Sanders-Park, E. (2010) The 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job , New York , NY : Penguin Books .

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